Q. What is the Honorable William Wall?
A. The Honorable William Wall, also known as the Willy Wall, is the floating clubhouse of the Manhattan Yacht Club. She is open to the public where guests from all over the world can come to enjoy the best views of the Manhattan Skyline and Statue of Liberty.

Q. What refreshments do you serve?
A. We have a variety of drinks available for purchase, including beers, wine, and mixed drinks. We do not have a kitchen, so we encourage guests to bring their own picnic. BYO Food!
Proudly Serving Mt. Gay Rum

Q. When can I come?
A. The first step is to buy a ticket. On the Buy Tickets page you will find the calendar of available dates and times.

Q. How do I get to the Willy Wall?
A. The Admirals Launch is a beautiful blue motor boat which takes passengers to and from The Willy Wall from Surf City Restaurant and the Warren Street Pier in Jersey City. For guests coming from Manhattan, your ticket also includes a free transfer from the World Financial Center Ferry Terminal on the yellow Liberty Landing Ferry to the Warren Street stop. From here, you will be picked up by our Admirals Launch. Please see our Get Here page for a video and detailed instructions.

Q. What time should I arrive?
A. If coming from Manhattan, please arrive at the World Financial Center Ferry Terminal 5-10 minutes before your ticketed time. A member of our team will be waiting near Slip 2 wearing a white captain’s shirt with stripes on the shoulder. Have your Willy Wall ticket ready on your mobile device. Our representative will give you your ferry ticket to take you to the Warren Street Pier in Jersey City where you will meet the Admirals Launch. For guests coming from Jersey City, please be waiting at Surf City or Warren Street Pier at the time listed on your ticket. The Admirals Launch will be along shortly thereafter to pick you up.

Q. How often can I leave the Willy Wall? 
A. Every 30 minutes our Admirals Launch leaves the Willy Wall to take guests back to The Warren Street Pier and Surf City in Jersey City.

Q. How to I get back to Manhattan?
A. Visit our Get Back To Manhattan Page

Q. I’m trying to buy tickets, but the website says tickets are sold out, can I still come?
A. Probably. Due to US Coast Guard regulations, we have a maximum number of passengers that we can have onboard at any one time. As guests leave the Willy Wall, we can accept more. If you would like to come on a day that is sold out, please call us at (646) 787-6726 on the day of.

Q. Does the Willy Wall move?
A. As she is floating, she does have minimal movement, but she is permanently anchored in the same spot each summer, and does not “drive around”.